Player activity data made easy.

Beyond Pulse is the Official Wearable Sports Tech for the NJCAA

Welcome, NJCAA Coaches, to simplified player and team activity tracking.

Beyond Pulse streamlines data and player management for coaches, offering a simple yet powerful sports tech analysis solution. Develop winning strategies and keep your players at their best.

We work with:

Keep Student-Athletes Healthy

Optimize Training Plans

Enhance Team Performance

Monitor training loads, elevate fitness, and prevent injury and burnout throughout the season.

Cut the guesswork; use solid data to make your training sessions spot-on every time.

Turn data into winning strategies that develop player strengths.

What's Included

Easily track player data in games and training with the Smart Belt.

Lightweight Equipment 

The Smart Belt sensor collects player data and automatically uploads it to the Dashboard. Use indoors or outdoors in rain or shine. 

Easy Bluetooth Connection 

Sync up to 30 players with the press of a button

No Plug-ins or Recharging

Over 6 months of battery live for each sensor. 

Access actionable insights on the Dashboard App.

Quick, Simple Data

The Dashboard translates raw data into easily digestible insights. Review essential metrics without all the noise.

Dashboard Deep Dives 

Fancy a deeper data dive? Craft detailed reports on team and individual players directly in the Dashboard. 

Progress Tracking

Track your team's journey through your own comprehensive calendar log.

Receive advanced reporting and high-level summaries to your inbox.

Instant Insights

Get a comprehensive report delivered straight to your inbox the moment each session wraps up, so you're always a step ahead.

Spot-On Session Highlights

Quickly zero in on vital session highlights, giving you a swift snapshot of the team and individual player performance.

Ready to elevate your game?

Pick a time to chat with a Beyond Pulse team member with just a few clicks.

Beyond Pulse is your tool for smart, simplified player data.

Talia DellaPeruta, UNC Women's Soccer Player

Sarah Martinez, Head Coach of  Yale Women’s Soccer

JR DeRose,  Assistant Coach of Mercer University Men's Soccer

Beyond Pulse has allowed me to be in charge of my own development… [Heart Rate data] helps me track how intense the session or game was on my body which then guides my next steps for my training plan and how much recovery I need to be ready to perform again.

Beyond Pulse's user-friendly platform for both coaches and student-athletes has helped to keep our players healthy and also optimize performance. 

Being able to provide our student-athletes with another tool that allows the ability to monitor and improve their health and fitness levels is a major step for our program. 

Get more out of Beyond Pulse with these add-on tools.

SoccerPulse Player Wellness

The subjective data platform SoccerPulse can be easily integrated with the objective data collected with Beyond Pulse Smart Belts.

Data Analyst On-Demand

On-demand data analysis services provided by Beyond Pulse's experts.

Beyond Pulse & NJCAA: Develop winning strategies and keep your players at their prime.

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